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First Aid Workshops for Parents & Grandparents

Would you know what to do if your child suffered a medical emergency?
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Willhan Training - First Aid and Safety Training in West Midlands

Would you know what to do if a child had a medical emergency in your home?

Most parents have no or little first aid knowledge, or the knowledge they have is out of date, education is key to the safety of all of us.

As a parent we are not given a “parent guide” when children are born. On the whole we consider our homes as safe places which they are, however accidents usually happen in or around the home.

More than two million children under the age of 15 experience accidents in and around the home every year and are taken to hospital.  Many more are treated by GPs and by parents and carers.

On average 62 children under the age of five died as a result of an accident and over 76.000 under  the age of 14  are admitted for treatment of which over 40% are under 5 years of age. Those most at risk from a home accident are the 0-4 years age group.

Children can swallow, inhale or choke on items such as small toys, peanuts and marbles. Babies and small children are most at risk from choking because they examine things around them by putting them in their mouths.

First aid for children West Midlands

What about your first aid  knowledge/skills?

Prevention is better than cure, which is why at Willhan training we have developed a “bespoke “ parent and grandparent first aid workshop for any parent/ grandparent to attend.

The feedback from our parents and grandparents who have attended has be amazing.

Our first aid workshops designed for parents, grandparents or anyone who cares for young family members will give you the confidence & knowledge to save a life.

This short 3 hour “hands on” workshop will provide you with skills & knowledge to help in a range of medical emergency situations.

Ranging from :- What to do if your baby or child is choking, the importance of getting help early, baby & child recovery position & what to do if a child is unresponsive & not breathing & knowing how to provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Why not gain new or refresh existing skills in a relaxed, friendly environment with other parents, grandparents.

First aid lessons in Sutton Coldfield

Course topics:

  • Primary survey
  • Baby & child recovery
  • Baby & child CPR
  • Treatment for baby & child choking
  • Children & baby’s temperatures advise & guidance – Meningitis & Sepsis. Including febrile convulsions.

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Client testimonials

We have lots of happy clients throughout the West Midlands. Some have been kind enough to leave us a review.

Sharon Simpson

Thoroughly enjoyed our First Aid at Work.  It was very informative in a very relaxed atmosphere. Our trainer Louise Vickers explained everything very clearly and if you didn't understand she would go over it again in a way that you didn't feel embarrassed for asking.


Emma Daniels

What a brilliant course. Louise is a fabulous teacher and has endless patience, she will explain things in a way that makes it seem easy and even the silliest questions are answered without making you feel silly.

Lindsay Beech

I love Louise’s courses.

Always fun and she makes sure everyone fully understands what she is teaching. Always gives me confidence in my abilities. Thank you Louise.

Chloe Birch

A really informative course and Louise was brilliant explaining everything and making everyone feel welcome.

This has made me feel more confident with the information and knowledge I now know.


Louise Harris

We have used Willhan Training quite a few times now for infection control training and first aid.

I would highly recommend Louise to anyone looking for courses!

Nadia Reznik

Fantastic course with Louise in Tamworth, she really ensured everyone understood each topic before moving on to the next and made it fun whilst being informative.


Nadine Shaw

Our staff were very pleased with the training offered, they said Louise was very professional and she taught them things they hadn't learnt from a previous course with St Johns Ambulance.

Who we have worked with

Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation TrustCentre for DentistryArthur Terry Learning PartnershipLearning Trust for ExcellenceYMCA