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Winter Lockdown- Blended Learning


Louise Vickers



Jan 2021

First Aid

Winter lockdown

I’m very much a people person and love listening, meeting and chatting to people in person, which is why I love teaching and delivering training as I love nothing more than seeing others learn new skills, develop in confidence and achieve a qualification that will benefit their job role or just give them the confidence to use the skills they have gained.

Since March 2020

Many business/sectors have moved there services/products online purely to survive. I was one of those business who considered moving my training courses online and was asked a lot as to why I didn’t deliver training online.

My answer was simple.

For some sectors online training courses are absolutely the way forward as they save time and can be a cost-effective way for businesses to ensure compliance is keep up to date.

My businesses ethos is on providing quality,legally accredited training courses as standard. Therefore until online First Aid training was recognised as legally accredited, companies, schools and individuals are wasting their money and time in completing online learning that is not legally accredited for their industry.

I’m NOW so excited in launching our legally accredited Blended learning First Aid at Work qualifications.

These courses are legally accredited and have an outstanding online learning package that reduces the face-to-face classroom teaching so instead of attending a 3-day First Aid at Work course this has now been cut to attending a 2 day face to face workshop.

Instead of attending a 2-day First Aid at Work requalification course you can learn via our online platform and attending a 1 day workshop to gain the practical skills you require:

I’m a strong believer that everyone learns in different way which is why my training courses reflect all learning styles. This online package does that too.

How we like to learn

We all have our own unique learning style.

Some people like to sit a read books to learn.

Some people like to learn with others via group tasks and discussions.

Some people  like to learn via doing ( i.e practical)activities.

No matter what training course you attend the difference between outstanding and "ticking boxes" in training  is huge.

Training that is value for money and outstanding offers everyone who attends the same chances to gain new skills and knowledge

Why blended learning:

·        Blended learning embeds all of the above. It also enables skills to be practices and gained online and in person.

Blended Learning give business, schools and individuals

·        The peace of mind that you're gaining legally accredited qualifications.

·       We know your time is precious- Blended learning enables you to gain theory knowledge in your own time which reduces the time spent in the classroom.

·       These courses are cheaper per person and in-house.

Read More about our First Aid at Work blended learning courses

  Coming soon

Our legally accredited Ofsted compliant blended learning paediatric first aid training.

Look out for further information.

Covid secure

We all need to feel safe in any environment to be confident in the job we do and to grow as professionals.

For me, COVID 19 has reinforced the good practice procedures I have adhered to as standard. Ensuring all who attend our course feel safe.

Here at Willhan Training we take our cross-infection duties extremely seriously. See our covid secure policy.

Re-opening after lockdown:

Business, leisure centres gyms and many more businesses will reopen and will people just wanting to get out again.

First Aiders & Paediatric First Aiders are a legal requirement and will be needed after lockdown, being training now in readiness for re-opening will prevent having to release staff, loose wages and time away from your job role when lockdown is eased.

The latest guidance for first aid provision in schools and the workplace

The HSE and DfE have not relaxed their rules on maintaining adequate first aid provision in the workplace and within schools and early year settings.

Therefore, it is important that business,including schools and early years nursery’s, ensure they have the correct and relevant first aid provision available within their setting to ensure they can provide assistance in a medical emergency.

Re-opening after lockdown:

First Aiders & Paediatric First Aiders area legal requirement and will be needed after lockdown, being trained now in readiness for re-opening will prevent having to release staff, loose wages and time away from your job role when a lockdown is eased.