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We've always done it this way


Louise Vickers



Dec 2021

First Aid
practice managers

Such a true phrase

 I’ve worked within the dental profession for over 20 years, and have to say this phrase is as true today as it was when I first started. There have been so many changes and challenges within dentistry over the last 20 years and no more so than over the last few years.

I have spent over 20 years working within the dental professional. Firstly as a dental clinician then moving into teaching dental courses from level 2 up to level 4 qualifications and more recently providing dental teams and professionals with bespoke first aid training courses including our  annual refresher on CPR & Defib training.

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Remember the phrase "we've always done it this way”

I hear this so many times from dentists/practice managers. However with the GDC/CQC CPD requirements getting tighter year on year it is vital dentists/practice managers who are responsible for  booking staff training ensures they are booking with an accredited training centre and your training and certificates come backed by a nationally recognised awarding body.

I agree this is a mine field when you don’t know the correct questions to ask before you book and assuming that the company/individual you have always used is GDC compliant may lead to confusion and at worst having to pay again for accredited training following CQC inspections.

 BUT NOT researching and looking into the training you are receiving regularly and booking with the same person year on year could leave you none-compliant.

Did you know?

Quality Commission and General Dental Council recommendations (Nov 2020) for CPR & Defib annual refreshers started that:

  • Providers and individual dental professionals should continue to make every effort to complete accredited BLS/ILS training annually.
  • Resuscitation Council (UK) recommends cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training for dental teams. Their document Quality Standards: Primary Dental Care states:

Dental practitioners and other dental healthcare staff should update their knowledge and skills in resuscitation at least annually.”

  • However, if this training is unavailable due to current COVID-19 restrictions, appropriate alternative provisions, in accordance with relevant government guidance, should be made.

For example:

  • E-learning.
  • Self-directed study.
  • Team-based scenario training in the clinical  environment.

Use our check list to ensure your CPR refresher / first aid training is GDC compliant. Does your training provide you with :

  • A nationally accredited certificate backed by Ofqual?

The minimum topics required as started by the resuscitation council : Theses are as follows:

  • Dental practitioners and other dental care professionals who work with children should learn the differences  between CPR for children and CPR for adults, and practice CPR for children on paediatric manikins.
  • All new members of the dental team should have resuscitation training as part of their induction programme.
  • A system must be in place for identifying which equipment requires special training, (such as AEDs, bag-mask devices and oropharyngeal airway insertion) and for ensuring that such training takes place.
  • Training can be undertaken locally with in the dental practice or with in local or regional training centres.
  • Training in resuscitation must be a fundamental requirement for dental practitioners and other dental care professional qualifications. Undergraduate and postgraduate examinations for all dental practitioners and dental care professionals should include an evaluation of competency in resuscitation techniques appropriate to their role.

All primary dental care providers should recognise the need for and make provision for dental staff to have sufficient time to train in resuscitation skills as part of their employment. All training should be recorded in a database.

Training and retraining should be a mandatory requirement for Continuing Professional Development and maintenance on professional healthcare registers. It may be appropriate for some retraining to be undertaken using ‘e-learning.

All dental practice owners must ensure a fully qualified first aider is on site at all times – someone who has an in date accredited First Aid at Work certificate.

How did you do with our check list?

  • If you have answered NO to any of the points above you may be paying for training that doesn’t fully tick all the minimum requirements from not just the resuscitation council but also CQC & GDC continual professional requirements. Training matters.

As mentioned at the beginning of this blog I have spent over 20 years working within the dental profession.

Firstly as a dental clinician, then moving into teaching dental qualifications & CPD courses from general refresher training up to Level 4 qualifications. This is why we are best placed to deliver your bespoke staff training that is fit for purpose for all dental professionals.

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We would love to hear from you to discuss your training requirements and how our bespoke first aid and yearly refresher training will ensure you are  GDC/CQC and health & safety compliant.

So just remember:

Sources via the link: Quality Standards: Primary dental care | Resuscitation Council UK (01.12.21)

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