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Tips and advice for choosing the right training centre for your needs


Louise Vickers



Feb 2022

First Aid
Health and Safety
Paediatric First Aid

The safety of ALL children should always be at the centre of any decisions made regarding your school’s training needs.

In addition to your legal responsibilities regarding staff training, your liability insurance could become void if the correct training does not comply legally and ensures ALL staff have the skills to act competently in any medical emergency, no matter how many years you may have used the same company/provider or how cheap the training is, this argument WILL NOT stand up against the due diligence all school headteachers should do when making this choice.

  1. A first aider must hold a valid certificate of competence, issued by the organisation whose training & qualification are approved by the HSE, DfE and Ofsted. – liability insurance may become void if schools are not choosing the correct standard of training for their staff.
  2. The First Aid training courses attended cover the full range of paediatric first aid illnesses.
  3. As standard First Aid at Work courses DO NOT include all elements required for paediatric illnesses – Therefore those staff who are undertaking first aid duties in schools should have undertaken a legally accredited paediatric first aid course.

How do you know you are choosing a legally accredited training centre to deliver your first aid training?

  1. Does the training provider have regulated quality assurance systems in place?
  2. Do their assessing & teaching staff have the correct teaching qualifications to Level 4/5?
  3. Does the teacher delivering your training course hold a current first aid qualification and is updated with current Paediatric knowledge?
  4. Is there a documented course evaluation process in place?
  5. Does the course content meet the needs of your school or nursery setting?
  6. Is there a sufficient quantity of well-maintained equipment per learner attending.

What should you be looking for on the certificate to ensure it is legally compliant?

  1. Schools & nursery management MUST ensure due diligence when deciding where their staff are trained.
  2. Certificates should include the name of the training centre. the name of the learner and the title of the qualification & the certificate should be issued in accordance with H&S first aid regulations (the list is extensive).
  3. Staff who care for a wide range of aged of children may need to consider both qualifications.
  4. All certificates provided by a legally accredited training centre will have the following stamps of approval at the footer of the certificates.


Why Willian Training. Our values.

  1. We pride ourselves on working in partnership with Headteachers & business managers to ensure the training courses your staff attend are suitable for your school needs.
  2. As standard, we ensure all delegates who attend any of our courses gain a legally accredited qualification at NO extra cost.
  3. ALL our teaching staff are qualified to Cert Ed Level 5 in teaching, with over 17 years of teaching experience.
  4. All delegates on any of our courses are able to share ideas and good practice with others, as well as gaining a legally accredited level 3 qualifications
  5. ALL who attend are promised quality teaching using current teaching & learning strategies.

You’re in safe hands with Willhan Training

We are looking forward to working in partnership with you to ensure your staff training meets all the legal requirements and more.
Whether it’s an individual staff booking or a conversation about the right in-house training course. We are here, ready to listen, and will ensure you get the quality training your team deserves.

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