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The benefits of blended and e-learning training and qualifications


Louise Vickers



Dec 2021

Food Safety
First Aid

The benefits of blended and e-learning training and qualifications

Many business/sectors have moved their services/products online purely to survive since 2020. For some sectors online training courses are absolutely the way forward as they save time and can be a cost-effective way for businesses to ensure compliance is keep up to date.

The benefits of e-learning

1.   Learning any time anywhere

2.   Cost effective option

3.   The best e-learning courses MUST include all learning styles

4.   People management –less time away from the “day job”

5.   Keep professional industry knowledge current in a quick  and effective way

6.   Learners can revisit topics to ensure understanding.

  Lets look at each one in-depth

1.   Learning any time anywhere

e-learning courses are just that, courses that can be accessed anywhere any time. Learners can complete e-leaning courses is smaller bitesize bits as and when they have time until the course is completed.

Learning at its best is when the individual is engaged and owns their own learning, what I mean by this is that  we all know if we enjoy doing something we gain far better results than “just going through the motions “ and not fully engaged.

A good e-learning package should include all learning styles and barriers to learning to produce a course that ensures learners are fully engaged to get the maximum benefit.

Accessing learning anywhere anytime opens up job opportunities through qualifications in a way we have never seen before.

2. Cost effective In two ways:

1- e-learning courses are far cheaper to the individual paying on-line. This is a massive opportunity for anyone to gain qualifications that are affordable.

e-learning courses can also boost job opportunities due to the accessibility and affordability of e-learning courses it’s easier than ever to update/refresh ones current knowledge or gain new knowledge via e-learning courses.

2: All employers MUST ensure HSE and industry basic training is kept up to date. e-learning courses are a fantastic way of achieving this and ensures employees are safe within the workplace.

e-learning courses are also an amazing way to upskill employees within the workplace  

3.  The best e-learning courses MUST include all learning styles

What is your learning style?

Visual(spatial): You prefer using pictures, images, and spatial understanding.

Aural(auditory-musical): You prefer using sound and music.

Verbal(linguistic): You prefer using words, both in speech and writing.

Physical(kinaesthetic): You prefer using your body, hands and sense of touch.

Logical(mathematical): You prefer using logic, reasoning and systems.

Social(interpersonal): You prefer to learn in groups or with other people.

Solitary(intrapersonal): You prefer to work alone and use self-study. We are having the most amazing feedback from all delegates who have attended our blended learning first aid course we are now so excited in launching our online food safety training courses

I’m a strong believer that everyone learns in different way which is why all the training courses we deliver here at Willhan training are unique to the setting we are delivering to., reflects current teaching and learning strategies and includes all  learning styles any more.

  4.Time management –less time away from the “day job”

e-learning gives learners the flexibility to carry on with the “day job” and complete e-learning in shorter bite size bits to fit around any working diary.

This in turn ensures productivity is still high while businesses and employees keep up to date with current industry specific knowledge.

5  Keeps professional industry knowledge up to date

As mentioned e-learning at its best provides a quick and effective way of ensuring industry compliance. It SHOULD also ensure leaners have up to date knowledge of topics covered to keep themselves safe within the workplace.

6 Learners can revisit topics to gain deeper knowledge or re-visit topics covered to ensure understanding.

As previously said e-learning at its best invites learners to revisit topics or gain a deeper knowledge of topics covered by the teaching strategies used.

This in turn enables the leaner to use knowledge taught within the workplace when required to keep themselves safe and to solve workplaces problems by recalling taught skills/knowledge.

Why blended learning:

Blended learning training and qualifications embeds all of the above. Our  online first aid packages are completed before you attend the practical first aid workshop. The workshop gives delegates the opportunity to retain knowledge taught online and at the same time gain skills during practical tasks.

Delegates amazing feedback from all  who have attended our blended learning first aid course

"Really enjoyed the workshop. Louise demonstrated an amazing subject knowledge, kept pace appropriate, and ensured everyone's knowledge was secure before moving on. Brilliant... enjoyed both online and face to face. Louise made the day really enjoyable and interesting, brilliant" ( Teacher Primary school)
"I liked the blended as I was a able to go back over things" ( Nursery Manager Coppice prim  nursery)
 "Enjoyed both elements. The e-learning I could do at my own pace. the practical workshop was really good in recapping knowledge online was amazing" (Teacher)

Check out our e-learning training & qualifications

Guaranteed to provide you with the highest possible standard of learning, our food safety e-Learning courses allows you to build an understanding of safe food handling practices and keeping food safe.

These courses are designed for anyone who comes into contact with food handling due to the nature of their work. All our e-learning courses can be completed at times to suit you in smaller bite size chunks.

Read more about our range of food safety e-learning courses

Blended learning

As mentioned before our blended learning first aid courses  have all the benefits of an outstanding e-learning package with a  face to face practical workshop that ensures online knowledge has been retained and leaners gain new practical skills to use in first aid incidences

Click here to read more about our first aid blending learning courses 

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