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Do you have the legal number of first aiders in your workplace?


Louise Vickers



Apr 2020

First Aid
Health and Safety

If ever there was a medical emergency at work, would anyone be able to provide the correct first aid and handle an emergency situation calmly and confidently? It is imperative your team has the correct legal number of first aiders.

The Health & Safety Executive states that:

  • The minimum first-aid provision on any work site is: a suitably stocked first-aid kit.
  • An appointed person to take charge of first-aid arrangements.
  • Every business, freelance, self-employed or even sole traders, will have some first aid or health and safety obligations.
  • Information is given to all who work with your business about first-aid arrangements.

It is important to remember that accidents and illness can happen at any time. Provision for first aid needs must be available at all times while people are at work.

Some small workplaces with low-level hazards may need only the minimum provision for first aid. But there are circumstances and factors that will mean you need greater provision. You, as an employer, are well placed to decide the provision you need.

What is a first-aider?

A first-aider is someone who has done training appropriate to the level identified in the needs assessment. This may be: first aid at work (FAW); or emergency first aid at work (EFAW); or some other first-aid training appropriate to the particular circumstances of your workplace.

So what does this mean in practical terms? What does your business need to do?

The main points you need to consider are:

  • Ensure you have the correct ratio of trained first aiders to the full number of staff members within your workplace.
  • All businesses should complete a bespoke training needs assessment. – This takes minutes to complete and will give you a report regarding how many staff will need first aid training needs and the training course they will need to attend.
  • Ensure the staff that are appointed as first aiders gain a legally accredited certificate by attending a legally accredited training course.

First Aider risk assessment

This takes minutes to complete and will give you an accurate recommendation of the number of staff needing training and to what level. Click here to complete your risk assessment

Our mission:

Is to deliver accredited training and qualifications at affordable prices. We can provide these within your workplace at times to suit your needs.

We are passionate about the quality of our teaching and providing a professional, yet friendly and relaxed learning environment in which people succeed.

Our training and qualifications are not just about ticking boxes, but giving people confidence in their new-found skills so they can be used long after the course has finished.

We understand that time and money are valuable resources and you’ll want to make sure that any investment on training and qualifications is worth it.

We pride ourselves in working with business in delivering in-house training courses at times to suit you at your premises.

We’re also so proud of our 100% record of amazing feedback from the businesses and delegates we have worked with.

Sources: HSE.org

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